Patient Testimonials

We take great pride in our success stories and love hearing from satisfied patients, who are able to live a more fulfilling and enjoyable life thanks to Dr. Boyle. Read testimonials from patients who had the following services:

Vasectomy Reversal: Patient Testimonials

“My husband had a reversal done on August 29th, 2011. His vasectomy was done over 17 years ago, so I never thought it was possible for us to ever have kids. Thanks to you I am happy to report that we now have a 10 week old baby girl. We were able to conceive the following month after surgery. I can’t thank you enough for what you have given us and we will always be grateful to you. You are a tremendous doctor and I am so happy we found you. Thank you. Attached is a photo of our baby girl.”

“Thank you so much for your kind and compassionate care of my husband. We are so happy we traveled to Maryland for the reversal, and are even happier to report that I am 8 weeks pregnant. Thank you again.”

“My husband had his reversal surgery April 16th. We are happy to announce we recently found out we are expecting a baby! We just moved to Hawaii for his job and it’s been pretty busy, but once things calmed down from the transition we were pregnant! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!”

“My husband and I came to you in February inquiring about a vasectomy reversal. You performed the surgery on March 1st. We are happy to inform you that we conceived 10 WEEKS PAST SURGERY!!!! I’m currently in my 7th week and had an ultrasound last week. I wanted to thank you again for your patience with us when answering all our questions, you always took time and we never felt rushed. We could have had the surgery done locally, but it was your compassion and personality that helped us make the decision to travel to Maryland. After losing our daughter last year to a rare brain tumor, this gives us a reason to want to live again, and something to look forward to. We can’t thank you enough”

“Just wanted to let you know that I am 24 weeks into my pregnancy (which my midwives describe as “vigorous”) and we are expecting our first baby GIRL!!! We are thrilled. Thank you again, and we’ll send a picture for your board when the baby arrives in November.”

“We received our lovely little lady on Sept 17th, 11:55 p.m. She is so adorable and so loved by the two of us and our families. We consider her our gift from God, using your skilled assistance of course. Thank you SO much for your dedication. We have so much to look forward to in sharing our lives with this dear child. When she turns 50, I will be 100! Photo and short video on the way!”

“Thank you for our miracle baby! She is healthy and adored by the whole family. She was born 13 hours after my husband got home from Afghanistan! We are so blessed! Thank you.”

“We wanted to again thank you for the wonderful work you did on my husband’s reversal back in February 2010. We were fortunate to welcome our first son in July 24th of this year. He is an angel and here with us to thank you for your hard work! Our many thanks.”

“Thank you so much! He is perfect in every way. He was born twelve days early because of leaking amniotic fluid. We were told you were the best and you definitely are. Thanks again.”

“The pregnancy happened so quickly that we hadn’t even gone back yet to you for the tests to see if my sperm had returned! It was great that it happened so fast because our ages.”

“The last time I had contacted you, I said that my husband had another SA and his results were back in the normal range. Well it is very early on, but we found out on Friday that we are pregnant and conceived naturally. We are very excited. I want to say thank you for a successful vasectomy reversal.”

“We wanted to give you an update. I had a viability and dating sonogram on Wednesday and the baby measured at 7 weeks, which means that we conceived almost exactly 2 months after his reversal.”

“You performed vasectomy reversal on February 8th, 2010, and I am happy to share that my wife is 8 weeks pregnant. We are very excited and can’t believe that after having a vasectomy 10 years ago that it would happen so fast after surgery. We really appreciate the opportunity that you gave us and we are excited for the arrival of our baby in February 2011.”

“This past June my husband had the reversal surgery done. I wanted to let you know that I found out last week that I am 4 weeks pregnant. I cannot thank you enough for giving him and I this chance to add another part to our family. I have to admit I had my doubts, as most do with things like this, I wanted to believe so badly that it would get done and I would get pregnant quickly afterwards … luckily that is exactly what happened! You are an amazing doctor and again I cannot thank you enough for being great at what you do, without you this baby would not exist right now!  I wanted to share with you my gratitude and tell you the good news about our new baby, he or she is due in May of next year and we couldn’t be more excited!”

“My wife and I wanted to let you know the good news: We just found out that we are pregnant. And, to top that, we are 13 weeks already, and we had no clue. We are due on the 24th of September. We wanted to thank you for your support and encouragement! Out of all the doctors we have seen, you are the only to believe that we could do it on our own. If, for some reason you would ever have a patient in this area that needs a reference, or wants to talk to someone that has gone through what we have, we would be glad to talk to them.”

Genital Reconstruction: Patient Testimonials

“How do I put into words what Dr. Boyle has helped to give me – the body that I believed I was born to have, and I do not mean that she necessarily made me beautiful or perfect, although I do think everything looks amazing – she allowed me to live as me!  I am living as the woman I have always been.  Thank you so much Dr. Boyle.”

“This was the absolutely best bedside manner that I have every experienced by a surgeon. Thank you so much for your professionalism, expertise and great care!”

“I’ve been a nurse for over 20 years. My experience with Dr. Boyle ranks in the top 1%. Compassionate, thorough, honest, professional are just a few adjectives I could use here.”

“I was very impressed with the amount of time Dr. Boyle spent with me. I felt like I was the only patient to be seen that day. It’s unusual not to feel rushed by a physician because they need to move on to the next patient.”

“Dr. Boyle did an amazing job on my adult circumcision! Three months later and I’m loving the results. She was there from beginning to end and has an excellent bedside manner. She explained the procedure, possible complications, and recovery in an informative and non-condescending way. And, she did her best to allay my concerns (aside from my wisdom teeth extraction, I never had surgery).Thank you for the new found confidence and overall happiness I now feel, Dr. Boyle!”

“I have never had a doctor as thorough, patient, understanding, and simply outstanding as Dr. Boyle. She has been absolutely the best care-giver/physician I have ever had.”

“Dr. Boyle thoroughly explained everything and answered all my questions and what-if scenarios and showed that she really does care for her patients. I drove down from New York just to see her and the care I received was well worth the trip.”

“Dr. Boyle has been the best physician in every manner that I am able to recall. Dr. Boyle was very friendly, compassionate, gentle, professional, competent, and treated me as a person seeking assistance instead of simply another patient. I was extremely nervous about this procedure, but Dr. Boyle enabled me to relax and not worry about any aspect of the procedure in a caring manner.”

“I really like Dr. Boyle. She is very kind and compassionate. She made me feel comfortable even though my procedure was a bit embarrassing.”

Fertility Patients and Others: Patient Testimonials

“Dr. Boyle was fantastic at explaining things clearly and without rushing. She also expanded on things which helped on potential questions I had not yet thought of.”

“Dr. Boyle is the Best in the Country. Very experienced and professional doctor.”

“I cannot stress this enough. Dr. Boyle was thorough, compassionate, and did not look at me like I was crazy when I explained my symptoms, unlike other doctors I’ve seen over the past 4 years. Instead, she had suggestions and solutions. I left feeling hopeful for the first time in years.”

“Dr. Boyle is the standard others should strive to be!”

“Hands down the best doctor I have ever had.”

“Dr. Boyle is the first doctor in FOUR years to give me hope that we are on a path to a solution.”

“The greatest physician experience I have ever had.”

“Dr. Boyle was excellent. She listened to our story, was empathetic, and able to quickly to address my husband’s needs. We had been back and forth between many doctors for three years and they couldn’t give us answers. She was very knowledgeable and knew exactly how to help us.”

“Dr. Karen Boyle is amazing! When I discovered her online and read about her credentials and CV, I was initially impressed. I thought it would be a long wait time for an appointment; however, I was able to see her within several weeks. During the appointment I was even more impressed! Dr. Boyle demonstrates a powerful and effective combination of being compassionate and caring, respectful, highly knowledgeable yet down to earth, very easy to talk to, and most importantly, keenly interested in providing comprehensive care to meet the patient’s goals. For example, in ordering my tests, Dr. Boyle set me up with a renowned doctor at a well known fertility clinic in Annapolis (which also minimized my travel time). I left our appointment feeling empowered and hopeful. I felt like I had found a doctor who truly cares about our (me and wife’s) interests and end goal. I could not be more pleased with Dr. Boyle and I can see why she has been so successful in her career and achieved recognition. My perspective working with her in person definitely substantiates her accolades and reputation. I would recommend Dr. Karen Boyle in a heartbeat!”

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