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Dr. Boyle is a recognized leader in male infertility, microsurgery and sexuality. Patient education and awareness are extremely important to Dr. Boyle.

Dr. Karen Boyle: Nationally Recognized Infertility Expert

Her contributions to the field of fertility, microsurgery and sexual health have been featured in countless media outlets such as Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health, Fertility Today, Radius, ABC television documentary “Hopkins,” ABC News, and “The View.”

Dr. Boyle was named a “Top Doctor” by Baltimore Magazine in 2012.

Cosmopolitan Featuring Dr. Karen Boyle

June 17, 2016 – Gender Affirming Surgery” Listen to Dr. Boyle on 98 Rock discuss transgender procedures

May 24, 2016“Things that Change the Way you Taste ‘Down There’” read about food, medicine and problems that alter vaginal secretion and provide

May 18, 2016“Everything You Need to Know About Your Vagina”  Read Dr. Boyle give helpful information on vaginal health

May 17, 2016“My Birth Control Almost Killed Me” – Dr. Boyle gives insight into the risks of blood clots and birth control

February 11, 2016 “14 Ways Your Butt Changes by Decade”

December 16, 2015 –  “15 Things No One Tells You About Your Vagina” Learn about the proper care and treatment of your vagina from Dr. Boyle.

October 9, 2015 – “11 Ways Every Woman’s Body Changes in Her 20’s”  Learn from Dr. Boyle how things change even when you are young

October 2, 2015“11 Things Not to Do During Anal Sex”

U.S. News & World Report Featuring Dr. Karen Boyle

February 10, 2015 –  “Infertility Struggles? It’s Not Always a Woman’s Issue” Dr. Boyle discusses causes of male infertility and good treatment options for men.

ABC News Featuring Dr. Karen Boyle

May 21, 2012 – “Your Skinny Jeans Could Be a Health Danger” Dr. Boyle discusses signs and symptoms of nerve damage or pain from wearing skinny jeans.

Good Morning America Health with Dr. Boyle

March 1, 2011“U.S. Measles Outbreak” Dr. Boyle discusses signs and symptoms of measles.

February 8, 2011“Childhood Obesity and Working Moms” Dr. Boyle discusses how working mothers affect their children’s weight.

January 11, 2011“Music Good for Your Sex Life” Dr. Boyle discusses how listening to music can boost your sex life.

December 16, 2010“Faceoff: Superhuman Bodies, 15-minute Orgasms” Dr. Boyle debates Tim Ferriss about the “The 4-hour body.”

December 15, 2010“Tobacco Dangers” Dr. Boyle discusses the Surgeon General’s recent report that brief exposure to tobacco smoke can cause health risks.

November 16, 2010“Cooling Help for Heart Attack Patients” Dr. Boyle discusses how therapeutic hypothermia could help prevent brain damage.

November 9, 2010“Dangers of Childhood Obesity” Dr. Boyle discusses why childhood obesity is a predictor of future risk of heart disease.

October 26, 2010“Aspirin May Cut Colon Cancer” Dr. Boyle discusses why taking daily aspirin may help prevent colon cancer.

September 29, 2010“Living with AIDS” Dr. Boyle discusses that 1 in 5 men who have sex with men have HIV.

September 7, 2010“Athletics and Fertility” Dr. Boyle discusses why participating in athletic sports may harm a woman’s chance of conceiving.

July 12, 2010“Avandia Debate” Dr. Boyle discusses the FDA’s upcoming decision on how to manage Avandia, a popular diabetes drug.

July 9, 2010“Hospitals and the July Effect” Dr. Boyle discusses why hospitals are concerned about patient safety in the month of July due to the influx of new residents (doctors in training) practicing medicine.

June 22, 2010“Female Viagra” Dr. Boyle discusses the FDA’s decision to reject approving a form of Viagra for women.

May 28, 2010“First Artificial Cell” Dr. Boyle discusses research about synthetic DNA.

April 20, 2010“Designer Babies” Dr. Boyle discusses research about engineering embryos that are free of certain diseases.

April 16, 2010“Prostate Cancer-Infertility Link” Dr. Boyle discusses the link between prostate cancer and male infertility.

April 5, 2010“Twins Born 7 Days Apart” Dr. Boyle discusses a rare case of twins born one week apart.

October 7, 2009“Birth Control Mate Mix-Up” Dr. Boyle discusses if taking oral contraceptives affects the way women choose mates.

September 28, 2009“Oh Baby! A 19-lb. Baby is Born” Dr. Boyle is a guest on Good Morning America and discusses a woman with diabetes who gave birth to a very large baby.

September 23, 2009“Expecting Two, But Not Twins” Dr. Boyle is a guest on Good Morning America and discusses a woman who is carrying two babies at the same time that are not twins.

Good Morning America with Dr. Karen Boyle

March 6, 2010“Fertility – Not Just a Woman’s Problem” Dr. Boyle discusses the misperceptions that surround male infertility. (Please click on the video to begin watching.)

July 10, 2009 – “Test Tube Daddy? Sperm from Stem Cells” Dr. Boyle is a guest on Good Morning America and discusses research about creating sperm from stem cells.

May 29, 2009“Enhancing Intimacy with Your Partner” Dr. Boyle is a guest on Good Morning America and discusses practical ways for couples to find time to appreciate each other and improve intimacy.

May 15, 2009“Male Infertility” Dr. Boyle is a guest on Good Morning America and discusses male infertility andoptions for couples who are facing male infertility.

Dr. Karen Boyle on “The View”

July 10, 2008 – “Sexual Function Treatment” Dr. Boyle is a guest of Barbara Walters and The View co-hosts to discuss various causes and treatments of sexual dysfunction, patient appears to discuss personal experiences.

ABC Television Featuring Dr. Karen Boyle

June 26, 2008 – “Hopkins” ABC Documentary premiere. Dr. Boyle is featured in the premiere of the widely acclaimed ABC documentary.

ABC News with Dr. Karen Boyle

June 11, 2008“Sex after Prostate Surgery” Dr. Boyle discusses treatments for erectile dysfunction after prostate cancer treatment.

June 3, 2008“Surgery to save a sex life” Dr. Boyle discusses using penile implants to create an erection.

May 28, 2008“Urologist: Foreplay Most Important” Dr. Boyle discusses how important foreplay is to a woman’s satisfaction during intercourse.

January 4, 2008“Increasing your Libido” Dr. Boyle reviews the signs and symptoms of a decreased libido and ways to improve one’s sex life.


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