Sexual Health

Sexual health is one of the most intimate and personal of issues facing men, women and couples. Dr. Boyle approaches each patient and couple with compassion and care and works with patients to help optimize both intimacy and sexual satisfaction.

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Sexual Health: Evaluation and Treatment in Maryland

As part of a comprehensive evaluation, Dr. Boyle will obtain a detailed history and perform a physical examination. Often, she will need to obtain laboratory testing to evaluate hormone production.

Sexual Health for Men: Conditions We Treat

Dr. Boyle specializes in all aspects of men’s sexual and aesthetic health, including:

  • Fertility and infertility
  • Sexuality and intimacy
  • Erectile problems/erectile dysfunction/impotence
  • Ejaculatory problems
  • Orgasm problems/anorgasmia
  • Lack of desire or libido
  • Male genital surgery; Aesthetic concerns of the penis and scrotum

Men’s Sexual Health: Treatments We Provide

Dr. Boyle provides expert, personalized, comprehensive treatment to optimize men\’s sexual health. Treatments include:

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Sexual Health for Women

Dr. Boyle treats all aspects of women’s sexual and aesthetic health, including:

  • Sexuality
  • Orgasm
  • Sex drive
  • Desire
  • Lubrication
  • Female genital surgery; Aesthetic concerns of the mons pubis, labia, vagina and clitoris

Dr. Boyle always recommends a female sexual health evaluation before diagnosis and treatment.

Women and Intimacy: Achieving Sexual Satisfaction

Often problems with a woman’s labia or vagina can adversely impact her ability to achieve satisfactory sexual intimacy. Discomfort from enlarged labia, excess tissue surrounding the clitoris, or vaginal laxity can often cause difficulties for women, affecting their ability to become intimate, their sexual confidence and their self of well-being. Dr. Boyle performs these procedures not to treat sexual dysfunction, but because these reconstructions will often improve women’s satisfaction with intimacy and intercourse as they achieve the genital appearance that they desire:

Treating Vaginismus and Genital Pain in Women

Dr. Boyle also sees women with genital pain disorders and will medically treat women with vesticulitis and vaginismus. She is skilled at performing injection of Botox intravaginally for women suffering from vaginismus. She works with local pelvic physical therapists to help women overcome their genital pain, with the shared goal of achieving satisfactory sexual intimacy.

Transgender Surgery

Dr. Boyle is deeply committed to providing superior care for patients undergoing gender affirming surgery.  Dr. Boyle and Dr. Bluebond-Langer perform a one-stage procedure with the goal of achieving excellent vaginal depth and normal clitoral sensation to optimize sexual intimacy, as well as achieving a superior aesthetic outcome. Read more about transgender surgery.

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