Keri and Gerry’s Story

February 9, 2015

Keri and Gerry

I wanted to share a very special story of a patient who had a very happy ending.

This patient had azoospermia and testicular failure.  I performed a microdissection testicular sperm extraction (MicroTESE) to find sperm in his testicle. MicroTESE is a very specialized surgical procedure that is performed at the time of in-vitro fertilization. The goal is to find sperm in a testicle that makes extremely few sperm.

Prior to the advent of this procedure, all that infertility specialists could do was random biopsy samples.  Micro TESE involves the use of an operating microscope; I can examine the testicle for the presence of normal tubules that are microdissected for the identification of sperm.

Embryologists then assist in finding the sperm that are used later that day or the next morning for intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and in-vitro fertilization.

Read Keri and Gerry’s story and learn more about male factor infertility.

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