Hidden Penis Correction

A hidden penis occurs when excess fat and problems with penile skin cause the penis to appear “hidden” inside the pubic region. A simple surgical procedure can correct the problem.

Male Genital Surgery: An Expert Approach

Dr. Karen Boyle is a specialist in the area of sexual health. She works with both men and women to restore the genital area to optimal function and appearance. Dr. Boyle is a board-certified surgeon and has extensive experience performing reconstructive and cosmetic genital surgery.

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Hidden and Trapped Penis: What Is It?

An entrapped penis is when the penis has become hidden. It occurs when the overlying suprapubic or penile skin has covered the penis, making it difficult and sometimes  impossible to express the penis from the surrounding tissue. The penis telescopes inside the pubic region, reducing the visible penile length. A trapped penis occurs when the suprabpubic fat pad becomes scarred over the hidden penis.

Men can develop recurrent yeast and urinary infections from an entrapped penis.

Hidden Penis Correction: Advanced Treatment in Maryland

Men may desire correction of a hidden or concealed penis. The procedure is done to correct and improve the overall appearance of the suprapubic and genital region. This surgery can involve suprapubic liposuction, pubic lift, abdominoplasty and penile surgery to achieve the desired aesthetic appearance.

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