Male Infertility

Individuals and couples who are dealing with male reproductive problems require the compassionate care of a physician with expertise in these conditions who is dedicated and committed to addressing and solving the unique problems of men with reproductive concerns.

Problems with infertility are extremely common, although few men receive proper evaluation and treatment, with male factor often going unrecognized, and untreated.

Approximately 15% of all couples are infertile. Up to fifty percent of these infertile couples will have a male factor component and 30% of couples will not be able to conceive solely because of a male factor.

Every man who is having problems conceiving with his partner requires a limited evaluation, and when there are any abnormalities found on preliminary screening, a complete evaluation with an expert in male reproduction should be sought.

In addition to providing state of the art evaluation and diagnosis of male infertility, Dr. Boyle performs vasectomy, microsurgical vasectomy reversal, microsurgical varicocele repair, and sperm harvesting procedures. She treats male infertility from a medical, hormonal and surgical approach, when necessary.

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