Microsurgery for Male Fertility

Dr. Boyle is a respected specialist in microsurgery, a type of surgery in which the surgeon operates using a high-powered microscope. In fact, patients travel from the U.S. and abroad to seek Dr. Boyle’s expertise.

Microsurgery Expertise in Maryland

Dr. Boyle completed a fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine in Microsurgery and Reconstruction. Many of the procedures Dr. Boyle performs should only be performed utilizing microsurgical technique. The success and outcomes of the surgery are dependent on both the skill of the surgeon and the technique used.

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Vasectomy Reversal Surgery: High Success Rate

Dr. Boyle is the director of the male fertility, microsurgery and sexual health program at Chesapeake Urology Associates, is co-director of its Vasectomy Reversal Center of America, and is the regional director of male fertility at Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center. She performs vasectomy reversal procedures every week, and her success rate is approximately 90%.

Microsurgical Procedures We Perform

These are the microsurgical procedures Dr. Boyle specializes in:


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