Clitoral Hood Reduction

Women with an enlarged clitoral hood or a clitoris that protrudes beyond its normal location may need a simple surgical procedure to repair this problem.

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Enlarged Clitoral Hood: Advanced Treatment in Maryland

The clitoral hood or prepuce is the tissue that covers and surrounds the clitoris, the highly sensitive and arousing erectile tissue of the female. This tissue or hood can become enlarged, often in conjunction with enlarged labia minora. Enlargement of the clitoral hood can negatively impact sexual pleasure during sexual acts. In addition, women with an enlarged clitoral hood desire an improved cosmetic appearance.

The solitary function of the clitoris is to induce sexual pleasure. As the female equivalent to a man’s penis, the clitoris is covered by a hood, similar to a man’s foreskin. Occasionally, this hood, or tissue covering, can be large, redundant and cause inability to achieve stimulation to the clitoris. The redundant tissue can also be uncomfortable while wearing a bathing suit or tight fitting clothing.

Clitoral Hood Reduction and Clitoropexy: What to Expect

The procedure to reduce the clitoral hood is a simple, outpatient procedure. The hood is surgically incised and an adequate amount of tissue is removed to allow for the clitoris to be stimulated easily.

Clitoropexy is the careful fixation of the clitoris when it protrudes beyond its normal anatomic location.

Clitoral hood hypertrophy is often seen in women who also have labial hypertrophy. In this case, reduction of the tissue covering the clitoris is usually performed at the time of labiaplasty if desired. The nerves that supply the clitoris are not involved in these procedures, and therefore there is no decrease in sensation or orgasm experienced.

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