Dr. Karen E. Boyle

Karen E. Boyle, MD, is a board-certified urologic surgeon who has developed a very unique practice where she expertly addresses all areas of reproductive and sexual health.

Fellowship Trained Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Boyle is fellowship trained in microsurgery and reconstruction, reproductive and sexual medicine and surgery and has completed advanced training in aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Boyle is an expert in microsurgical vasectomy reversals and has helped countless couples conceive their families naturally. Dr. Boyle is also a recognized expert in male infertility. Providing exceptional, comprehensive care to her male factor infertility couples, she works closely with local and national reproductive endocrinology colleagues. Learn more about Dr. Karen Boyle.

Genital Cosmetic Surgery: Dr. Boyle’s Approach

As a specialist in sexual health, Dr. Boyle’s strives to achieve superior results in genital cosmetic surgery, with close attention to not only aesthetic outcomes, but sexual function as well. Whether it is an individual problem of a man or a woman, or a couple’s concern, Dr. Boyle has the training and expertise to provide comprehensive, compassionate care with a commitment to success and satisfaction.

Transgender Surgery

Dr. Boyle is deeply committed to providing superior care for patients undergoing gender affirming surgery.  Dr. Boyle performs orchiectomies and revision surgery for patients who have undergone gender affirming surgeries.  As a genital aesthetic specialist with interests in optimizing sexual intimacy, Dr. Boyle will perform labiaplasties, clitoral hood reconstruction, and revision work to the vulva and vagina in transgender patients achieving a superior aesthetic outcome. Read more about transgender surgery.

Dr. Karen Boyle: Education and Training

Dr. Boyle was educated at Harvard and completed her general surgery and urologic surgery training at The Johns Hopkins Hospital and her microsurgery fellowship in reproductive medicine and surgery at Baylor University. Dr. Boyle then returned to The Brady Urological Institute at The Johns Hopkins Hospital to serve as their first female urologic surgeon with a joint appointment in obstetrics and gynecology.

She served as the director of Reproductive Medicine and Surgery while at Hopkins and is a partner at the nation’s leading group of visionary urologists at Chesapeake Urology Associates as its director of Male Fertility, Microsurgery and Sexual Health, and the co-director of the Vasectomy Reversal Center of America. Dr. Boyle is also the regional director of Male Fertility for Shady Grove Fertility Reproductive Science Center. She established Chesapeake Aesthetic Surgery to provide specialized care to her genital reconstruction patients, and she also works with leading plastic surgeons at The University of Maryland for her gender affirming surgeries.

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